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two under two, and in the trenches


jade mcintosh

1/5/20243 min read

grayscale photography of two children sitting on ledge
grayscale photography of two children sitting on ledge

Having two children under the age of two can be quite challenging, but also incredibly rewarding. Balancing the needs of two young children can be overwhelming at times, as they both require constant attention and care. However, witnessing the bond that forms between siblings at such a young age is truly heartwarming. The older sibling learns to be nurturing and responsible, while the younger one benefits from having a constant playmate. Despite the sleepless nights and endless nappy changes, the joy that comes from watching my boys grow and interact with each other is immeasurable. It may be chaotic and demanding, but the love that fills the house makes it all worthwhile. Being a mum is an incredible journey filled with countless emotions and experiences. But when you're a mum of two boys under two years old, life becomes an exhilarating roller coaster ride. In this read, we will delve into the whirlwind of emotions, from the lack of sleep to the pure joy of watching them play, and ultimately discovering that even amidst the tears, there is immense happiness to be found.

Sleep, that elusive treasure every parent yearns for, seems to vanish when you have two energetic little boys to take care of. The nights blend together in a blur of feedings, nappy changes, and comforting cries. Sleep deprivation becomes a way of life, leaving you feeling like a zombie during the day. Yet, despite the exhaustion, the love for your children remains unwavering. We never wanted to co-sleep but most nights our 3 year old finds his way into our bed. I often wake up to a foot in the back or the precious sound of him asking for a morning snuggle, a snuggle I embrace as I know too soon this will be another season gone.

As the first rays of sunlight seep through the curtains, you are greeted with the symphony of laughter and babbling. "Mum, mum the sun up, it's time to get out of bed." The boys are awake, ready to take on the world, and eager to fill the day with their infectious energy. It's in these moments, with tousled hair and bleary eyes, that you realize the beauty of being a witness to their growth and curiosity. The exhaustion fades into the background as you revel in their tiny achievements and milestones. The breakfast table is quiet, sometimes the only quiet for the day as they devour their morning muesli.

From building with their Connetix to playing pretend as Fireman Sam, watching your two boys engage in imaginative play brings a joy that is unparalleled. The sound of their laughter fills the room, and your heart swells with pride as they explore, discover, and create. Despite the chaos that often ensues, you can't help but find solace in the fact that they are learning and developing their unique personalities, and doing this together. We often get asked if it was planned to have them so close, and in times like this I know we made the right decision.

Of course, life with little ones is not all sunshine and rainbows. Tantrums and tears are an inevitable part of their journey as they navigate through emotions they can't quite express yet. Frustration, exhaustion, and the overwhelming nature of the world can all lead to meltdowns But even in these trying moments, you find yourself gaining strength and patience, knowing that your love and support can help them overcome any challenge. They themselves need to be credited with teaching me so much also, I can tell you there are times my patience wears thin but seeing their little faces and reminding myself they are still so little and taking in so much brings me back to their reality.

Being a mum of two boys under two years old is an adventure like no other. It's a delicate balance of sleepless nights, joyful playtimes, and soothing tears. While the lack of sleep can be draining, the immense joy that comes from watching your little ones grow and thrive immeasurable. It's a journey of self-discovery, resilience, and endless love. So, embrace the tears and cherish the laughter because, in the end, being a mum is the most rewarding role in the world.